The Cocoa episode with Pragati Sawhney

"I extract real flavors and blend them with a secret ingredient. No sweeteners, preservatives, artificial colors and milk is added, and this is what makes these chocolates retain their natural sweetness.” Says Pragati Sawhney of Chockriti Chocolates.

Pragati is a dentist. The modification in her career path initially took place when she attended a chocolate making class back in 2011 and witnessed some unhealthy chocolate recipes. This disturbed her majorly and that is when she decided to recreate fine delicacies involving healthy ingredients and adding some famous Indian flavors to it. 

What to expect?

In a day with Pragati, she will take you to the fine and exquisite process of making chocolate. You also get to taste them! This process would also involve creating chocolate with natural and healthy ingredients like flowers, herbs, organic teas, whole fruits and spices. Isn't this the most innovative chocolate making ever.

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